Moving Boxes

The best way to protect your belongings during a commercial or residential removal is to use top quality packing materials. If you are wondering where you can acquire such supplies don’t because we sell and deliver packing and protective materials of exceptional quality.

We sell all types of packing materials are cost effective prices

We provide the entire gamut of packing supplies to our clients. Down below is a list of our most demanding materials:

  • Moving crates and suppliesCardboard moving boxes – Our moving boxes range in size and can be use for the packing of all types of items from books and magazines to clothes and bed linens. They are 100% eco-friendly and can be reused once your removal is over.
  • Wardrobe cardboard boxes – These are special boxes which can be use as a temporary closet for your more delicate and expensive clothes. They will keep your clothing from wrinkling and tearing. Once again our boxes range from small to extra large.
  • Mirror/picture cardboard boxes – As the name suggests this type of boxes are used for the packing of mirrors or framed pictures. They come in various sizes and can be combined with bubble wrap or packing peanuts to provide maximum safety to the hauled items.
  • Mattress cardboard boxes – While the mattress isn’t the most fragile item the world it is an object that is very hard to navigate especially through narrow places. So, by placing it in a mattress boxes you will prevent it from folding while it is being carried and therefore will make the loading and unloading stage of your relocation much easier.
  • Hardtop containers – Our hardtop containers are the ideal solution for the packing of small and delicate items such as plates, glasses, porcelain objects, crystal features and decorations.
  • Wooden crates – We can build wooden crates for your most valuable possessions such as works of art, musical instruments and vintage items. Just like with the mirror/picture boxes, the wooden crates will be combined with packing peanuts, cushion sheets or bubble wrap to provide maximum safety.
  • Dishpack – This is a specialised and enforced cardboard box which is designed for the packing of dishware and glassware.

We sell all our packing materials and protective gear at highly affordable prices, so don’t worry that we may be out of your budget. We work with a flexible agenda which means that we can deliver your supplies at a day and time that best suits your needs and personal calendar.