Moving Checklist

Property removals are much easier to organise and carry out by following a moving checklist. If you have never drafted one before, have no worries as you can use our as a base for yours.

  • 2 months before your move – Commence your preparation by sorting all your belongings and throwing away all the broken, torn and useless items that you own. Also donate all the objects that are in good condition but you are not planning on taking with you.
  • 40 days before your move – Request your personalised free quote, so that you can see how much our assistance will cost you. Also go by your doctor’s office and collect all your medical records. If you have children, you should pass by their school and get their documents, so that you can transfer your kids to their new school as soon as your removal is over.
  • One month before your move – Give us a call and book us. We work with a flexible schedule but the sooner you hire our service the better. Also don’t be timid to take advantage of the fact that we sell and deliver packing supplies.
  • Moving tipsThree weeks before your move – Start packing your belongings. Commence with the non-essential items such as books, magazines, decorative features, out of season clothes and so on.
  • Two weeks before your move – Continue your preparations by disassembling your furnishings. Start with the living room furniture and leave the bedroom furnishings last. Also, stop buying food, so that you can clear all the food that you already have in your home.
  • 7 days before your move – Pack the reminder of your belongings. Make sure that you pack your personal documents, money, valuables and jewellery separately and always keep them with you. These are your most important possessions and you cannot afford to lose or damaged them during the relocation.
  • Relocation day – Disassemble your bedroom furnishings, move your car from the parking lot to provide the movers and their vehicle an easy access to your property and pack your remaining belongings such as bathroom accessories, bed linens, and etc.