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Interested in information and issues concerning property removals and the moving industry? Looking for practical advice and tips on how to make moving places more manageable? If so then you have every reason to get familiar with the Blog and Tips section of London’s Removal’s official company website. We maintain a comprehensive source of information and advice on array of main and additional issues concerning home, office and establishment relocation. Our readers have access to the latest news and developments in the professional moving industry, future trends and projections and more. We offer invaluable advice and practical tips on essential topics like relocation prep work like packing, inventory of items etc. Also available is advice on how to make long distance and international removals less stressful and more affordable. DIY guides covering removal of high value items like artwork, antiques, music instruments etc. Our Blog and Tips section is regularly updated with new content, researched and summarised by dedicated contributors who are up to speed with all things removals. London’s Removal’s Blog is well structured and easy to navigate so finding the articles and information which interests you is never more than a mouse click away. We welcome readers’ feedback and opinion.

Some not very typical removals

Doctors Office

We are generally used to picturing a typical household removal when we think about a relocation. Most of us associate the job with moving sofas and transporting washing machines from point A to point B. In more extreme cases we perhaps think about an office removal where we need to load up electronics and office…

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Furnishing your new home


You have a number of viable options when it comes to furnishing the home you are moving in. You can always hire experts to help you with this aspect but do you really need to do this? Chances are that after you have spent so much on the removal itself and the new furniture you…

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The Best Historic Markets in London

The Borough Market

London is a major tourist destination and has thousands of various amenities and landmarks to offer to its visitors to marvel on. The historic markets that are scattered across the present-day territory of the capital constitute some of the most popular tourist attractions here, so it is worthwhile to check out the best among them….

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Moving Often? Check Out These Tips

Some people are lucky when it comes to moving house; they do it once in a lifetime or never! On the other hand, there are those who move frequently, whether they feel the need or just have to for different reasons. Removal is always stressful and one just has to face all those tasks and…

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Seven Loading Tips

Van loading

Here are several helpful loading and lifting tips in case you have decided to handle the loading and unloading stages of your relocation on your own. Tip 1: Gather the necessary supplies While your hands and strength will be your main assets, you will still require some additional materials to facilitate the tasks that are…

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A Move On A Budget Made Possible

Property removals can be costly. But this doesn’t mean that people with tight budgets cannot move from one place to another. If you fall in this category, keep reading because we will present to you several tips which will allow you to lower your relocations expenses and therefore move despite your limited funds. Tip 1:…

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