Furnishing your new home


You have a number of viable options when it comes to furnishing the home you are moving in. You can always hire experts to help you with this aspect but do you really need to do this? Chances are that after you have spent so much on the removal itself and the new furniture you could perhaps use a piece of free advice and this is why we are here.

In this article we will give you a few pointers on how to efficiently lay your pieces inside of the new apartment or house you are about to move in. Most of the things are simple but they can go a long way.

The room in which you prepare your food requires special attention

Starting with the kitchen there are a few “rules” by which you should play. It is never a good idea to put your stove right next to the fridge. The difference in temperature between the two can be damaging to both. Also a good idea is to have a hardwood floor or a tile floor in this room. Don’t put a carpet there as it will be nightmarish to clean. Food and crumbs often end up on the floor along with spills and a tile floor is easy to mop up.

The living room is where you will spend most of the time and there are a few key things to address here. You can figure out the size of the couch and armchairs yourself depending on the space you have on your disposal. Putting TV facing the window is a bad idea, however. Most TVs will reflect the sunlight and you will barely be able to see what is on the screen. Furthermore direct sunlight can be detrimental to the condition of your device. Speaking of sunlight you carpet should also be put away from the window. It is good to have a rug in the living room as it adds a great feel to it and at the same time traps a lot of dust. Sunlight, though, can really damage it and lead to fading. Another location for your carpet top avoid is at the doorway. The heavier the traffic your rug sees, the easier it will get damaged. It is one think if people walk over it with slippers and a whole different story if they do it with shoes.

Having a bare floor in the living room is not recommended either especially if you pair it with an air conditioner. Dust and other bad particles will be blown around all the time and will really show on the surface. The carpet solves that problem. If you are to choose curtains for your bedroom don’t go for thick ones. They will require constant cleaning, vacuuming and maybe even beating.

In case you are having troubles putting everything inside you can always have the same removal company which carried out your relocation, do it for you. Most companies offer such services along with furniture assembling and disassembling.