Your to-do lists when moving

In order to make your removal as easy as possible, you need to create lists for different tasks. This will ensure that you do not forget certain errands to run or tasks to complete.

Packing supply list

You need to go shopping. This time, however, you need to create a list of packing supplies that will save both time and effort, so you do not make trips to the store to get different supplies. We have a list of what you will need, and all you need to do is to decide the quantity of items you will need.

  • small/medium/large/extra-large moving box
  • china barrel
  • electronic box
  • wardrobe box
  • small/medium/large mirror box
  • cell pack
  • packing tape
  • moving blankets
  • bubble wrap
  • box cutter
  • labels permanent markers
  • inflatable bags
  • foam
  • stretch wrap

Address change list

Moving is the period when you forget stuff. But, when it comes to changing your address, you need to be very careful. You need to be updated about your mail, whether it is bills or magazine subscriptions. So, in order to continue being in contact with everybody, you need to stick to the following checklist to make sure that those who need to be notified about your move know you have a new address.

  • power
  • gas
  • water
  • telephone
  • trash
  • cable
  • internet
  • housekeeping
  • garden and pool services
  • banks and loan institutions
  • insurance companies
  • tax services
  • social security
  • pension benefits
  • vehicle registration/driving licence
  • income tax
  • unemployment insurance
  • newspapers/magazines/books

Information to know regarding movers

Remember that, when finding a moving company, you need to ask a million questions so that you get all the right answers that will lead to a right decision. Choosing a moving company is crucial in goods transportation so you need to choose wisely. London’s Removal is a company that will surely meet your needs (and we’ve made you this excellent moving checklist) and provide service you are looking for, but, before making a decision, you can ask movers to provide you with following details.

  • ask to provide references and/or unresolved complaints
  • ask them to provide a registration number with DOT
  • ask if they provide international shipping service
  • are there additional fees? Which?
  • ask if they provide storage. Rate?
  • ask if they provide packing services. Rate?
  • ask if they provide binding or non-binding estimates
  • let them tell you more about insurance
  • ask about high-season and low-season rates
  • ask if they offer any discounts or reduced rates

Essentials box list

After you move, those first days in your new place will be tough because you have so many things to do that you do not have time to enjoy your new home. Well, at least yet. However, you will still need to eat, sleep, shower, rest, etc. So, it is necessary to create a to-do list of supplies you will need during first couple of days. Just remember that the truck with your goods won’t be arriving for days so you need to pack items you normally use daily. These items should be packed into your essentials boxes:

  • dish soap
  • toilet paper
  • towels/rags/sponges
  • kitchen knife
  • scissors
  • flashlights/candles
  • tape
  • small appliances (toaster, coffee maker)
  • dishes/pots/pans
  • pet food/dishes
  • medical kit
  • shampoo
  • laundry soap
  • trash bags

These checklists are aimed to help you be more organized so that you have time to focus on other things that need your attention.